May 2, 2023 ~ 10 min.

Yacht Travel: a comprehensive approach to successful brand promotion

Yacht Travel is a yachting school and agency that has been professionally training skippers for 11 years. The team teaches how to sail a yacht at the amateur and professional level.
When they turned to us for comprehensive promotion, they already had a clear request. They already had a marketing decomposition, a sales funnel was set up, and they understood the values and features of their product. Our task was to decompose this marketing strategy into channels (SMM, traffic, etc.) and implement their KPIs.
After developing the digital strategy, we took on 3 tasks: SMM, traffic, and website development. We worked on these tasks in parallel.

Our solution in SMM

Taking into account the client's requests, analysis of the brand, its target audience, and competitors, we developed an effective content strategy that included TOV, development of communication for stories, integration of new sections and highlights, and work with the visual concept of the brand.

To increase audience interest and engagement, we introduced new headings and highlights to broaden the content and keep in touch with the audience. The new sections were dedicated to such topics as selecting a yacht according to your criteria, the best travel routes, interviews with experts, and more. Community posts, publication of UGC content, reports from offline events, and posts on behalf of the owner also proved to be effective.

In the future, we focused on developing content from the Yacht Travel team, as they already had an impact on the audience in yachting matters. We prepared a series of videos that allowed the audience to get acquainted with the yacht school instructors.

Niche humor also showed good activity. It has its place if it is implemented wisely and for informational purposes.

Working with traffic

Our task was to find customers who are interested in training and are willing to pay a relatively large amount compared to competitors. The target audience is people with high incomes, so discounts and promotions did not work here.

We customized Facebook's interests and developed creatives that meet the current request of the target audience. The creatives were divided into two types: classic and informative.

Website development

Our task was to pack all the products into one website and make it look intuitive. Thus, we reduced the workload of sales managers and simplified the customer's path to purchase.
Among the additional tools
we also used email marketing to announce new courses, trips, offshore practices, or invitations to offline community events. We also created a basic PR strategy to promote the brand and wrote SEO articles.
Our cooperation grew into a real friendship. We even went on a yacht trip together!
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