HR testing service
HRacanner is an online staff assessment service for small and medium-sized businesses that increases the speed and accuracy of hiring employees, as well as evaluating the knowledge of current employees.

Project numbers

Advertising budget: $ 2 490

Number of leads: 2 415

Average price per lead: $ 1.03

Period of cooperation: 1 month
The task was to increase sales of personnel evaluation tests among entrepreneurs. There had to be a regular flow of customers by targeting advertising in social networks.

The target audience of the project: owners, CEOs and top management of small Ukrainian and Polish companies with up to 30 employees and no HR managers dealing with personnel issues yet.

When driving traffic we tried traffic to the quiz and ice form through A-B testing. But the biggest number of quality requests came from advertising on the site, because people were already more aware of HRskanner services.
In advertising creatives, we mostly put pressure on management's pains: turnover, uninitiative and irresponsible employees, a lot of time spent on doomed interviews, and so on.

The reinforcer for the creo was that HRskanner provided 2 tests as a gift, but to get them you had to leave an application and go through a phone number verification (for sms). That is, the price of the lead is already taken into account with the fact that all the leads had the correct phone numbers, which could then be reached.

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