IQ Pizza

is a pizzeria with locations throughout Ukraine, offering both delivery and pickup options
It boasts modern equipment, unique pizza preparation technologies, affordable prices, and high-quality ingredients as its hallmarks.


Number of subscribers: 27,300

ERR: 3.6%


Number of subscribers: 29,079

ERR: 4.5%

Duration of cooperation: 3.5 months


Our team was faced with several main tasks:

  • Increase the number of orders, both for delivery and sales at the points of sale.
  • Increase brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Implement entertaining content and interactive stories.
  • Integration of live content into stories.


Our team developed a marketing strategy, tone of voice, and new visual communication for the brand.

Based on the client's request, brand analysis, target audience, and competitors, regular content posting was implemented according to the strategy. We conducted photo shoots with models as well as ordinary food shoots. Reels and live videos for stories were also created.

To diversify the content, in addition to product stories and posts, we introduced video formats from the kitchen and cooking processes for livelier content. We also integrated macro photos of the product into the visual. Regular giveaways were conducted to engage the audience.

Stories example

Post example


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