Lider RG Club

A store and manufacturer of clothing, items, and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics.


Lider RG Club is positioned as a friend to the customer, always ready to provide necessary information and help prepare for rhythmic gymnastics training.

Lider RG Club has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing gymnastics products, ensuring high-quality goods.


Number of Instagram followers: 13,800

Instagram ERR: 2.0


Number of Instagram followers: 19 606

Instagram ERR: 4.8%

Clicks on the site: average value: 493

Duration of collaboration: 1,2 years

Briefly about the project

Lider RG Club is a store and manufacturer of clothing, items, and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics. For over 25 years, the Lider RG Club team has been making gymnasts' training comfortable, safe, and stylish

They collaborate with global brands such as Pastorelli, Chacott, and Tuloni

Their clothing fabric is their own brand development, crafted from natural materials based on eucalyptus raw materials.


Our team was tasked with the following main objectives:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Enhancing brand loyalty
  • Boosting sales, both online and offline in the store
  • Implementing informative and entertaining content to increase audience engagement


We developed a content strategy that included communication development for stories, the tone of voice (TOV), integration of new informational sections, and formation of highlights.

We emphasized the content on the brand's own production and its high quality as it is the brand's main competitive advantage.

We also introduced interactive (entertaining) stories aimed at a children's audience.

Together, we prepared a series of informative videos for parents (e.g., how to make a hairstyle for competitions) in collaboration with the "Kosa Krasa" hairstyle studio.

Video reviews of popular brand products, joint giveaways with the Rizatdinova Academy, and posts with photo reviews from well-known gymnasts have shown good effectiveness.





Examples of stories


In addition to the SMM direction, our team also addressed the client's request regarding traffic acquisition.

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