A network of alcohol stores in Kyiv
A network of stores with the widest selection of beer and elite alcohol

Project numbers before:

Number of followers: 0

ERR: 0

Project numbers after:

Number of followers: 1824

ERR: 9,27%

Average reach of stories: 240

Period of cooperation: 5 month.

Our task

Increase brand awareness in Kiev and increase visits to offline outlets.


Our solution

At the start, LITRA had an old account with a dead audience (0.1% engagement), no advertising cabinet and no link to a previous campaign, which would not allow it to run ads in the future.
So the decision was made to start with a clean sheet. Create a new account and go conquer the top.

Based on the client's requests, analysis of the brand, its target audience and competitors, we began developing a strategy for this project, working on the content plan rubricator and full implementation of the plan within a minimal and very short budget.

We implemented weekly position promotions into the content, as the client had many affiliate agreements and responsibilities, without losing audience engagement and interest. We also regularly published local humor and infomercials.

Examples of stories

Examples of posts

Additional tools

We conducted a large number of photo shoots at offline locations and home shoots adapted for quarantine. Conducted several giveaways, both online and offline, to increase point attendance. Developed an insta-mask, which swirled and gained more than 1118 shots, developed and conducted advertising campaigns to increase the profile audience and attendance as well.

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