madame josy

French café-confectionary
in the heart of Kiev!
Madame Josy is a modern cafe in the center of Kiev with the cuisine and atmosphere of France. The main direction is authentic desserts of French confectionery school. They also prepare cakes and desserts to order, both standard and individual.

Project results Before:

Number of subscribers: 27,054

ERR: 4.3

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 32 889

ERR: 5,2

Clicks on the site: 400+ clicks per week

Period of cooperation: 1 year, 4 months

The challenge

Our team had several main tasks: to communicate brand value and increase brand awareness; to increase sales in social networks.
Subsequently, there was a request to develop and launch a website.

Our solution

Based on client’s requests, analysis of the brand, its target audience and competitors, our work was divided into 2 large components: content marketing and promotion through traffic and Influencer marketing.

We developed brand communication and added many new columns (LIVE-format storis from the restaurant, introduction of info-talks, Madame Josie's diary, Q&A). To diversify the content and implement humor, we adapted trends from TikTok to the confectionery theme, such videos were highly effective, both in the feed and in the posts.

We added our signature French words and phrases: "Bonjour", "Croissant s'il vous plait" and others to the signature tone of vocation.

In addition to regular content shoots, we also did full-scale shoots of new dessert collections: for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, March 8, Easter and other holidays.

The best results had the following types of content: video-processes of dessert preparation, appetizing macro photos, Instagram photos with models (the girls kept them as references for upcoming photo shoots), publications with the team of the institution, as well as UGC content. Since the cafe is quite Instagrammable, visitors themselves willingly take a lot of posts and photos, the main thing is to be active and grateful. Sincerely responding to every mark, leaving comments under the publications of guests and publishing their photos in our profile, we managed to create a real community!



Additional tools

To promote the project, we used regular holiday giveaways without complicated conditions.

In September 2021, we launched a special project with a one-year supply of desserts. We shot a lengthy scripted video for it with the message, "Madame Josy - perfect any time of year." The goal was to get as many UGC posts as possible with the hashtag #madameinthebigcity. We used targeted advertising to promote the special project. We also used targeting to recruit subscribers.

In almost 1.5 years of work we attracted more than 50 micro and macro influencers on a barter basis. Instagram product and good offer presentation allowed us to work even with famous bloggers on a barter basis.

P.S. We also received many delicious sweet gifts from the brand as a thanks.

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