Sushi Master

Japanese cuisine restaurant chain "Take Away
Sushi Master is an international chain of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine restaurants, which works by delivery. The main advantages of the brand is its high recognizability among other deliveries with a similar assortment and budget prices.

Project results Before

Number of subscribers: 62 228

ERR: 4,3

Project results After:

Number of subscribers: 104 978

ERR: 4,4

Clicks on the site: 10 788 for the week

The period of working together is 5 months.

The challenge

Sushi Master had 40+ accounts from brand franchises. That was the difficulty, because they were duplicating content by the cities in which they worked. The content included re-sized banners that were on the website. The brand's social networks had no unified style. There was no regular work with stories, only people's marks were published.

Our solution

First of all we developed a corporate style for social networks. Minimized the number of pages related to the franchise. Now we are left with pages only of the main cities where Sushi Master works. On these pages we use branded content.

We concentrated our work on the all-Ukrainian page.

We updated the social media packaging (Instagram and Facebook) at first. A special feature was the creation of a highlight with promotions that are updated monthly, as well as updating the Facebook cover for every important announcement, such as the pre-order for the New Year.

Started using live and macro photos. Moved away from banners, using them only for promotional offers or entertainment content.
After analyzing our audience and their behavior, we tested the format of memes in the content. That really hit the mark!

We also integrated a video content format, the material with the process of making rolls worked the best.

Introduced interactive content in the stories to increase the audience activity. We added clickable links in the stories to attract the audience who were already subscribed to the account to make purchases. Videos from the restaurant's kitchen, with live cooking processes, also gave high activity in the stories.



Additional tools

We did five shootings for Sushi Master. Among them there were subject shootings, shootings with models in the New Year atmosphere, photo and video with the team, macro shootings of rolls and ingredients.

The project was fruitful in working with bloggers on a barter basis. On average we cooperated with 160 bloggers in a month (5 bloggers a day, 4 times a week). Suggestions for cooperation received bloggers with the coverage from 3-5 thousand of stories from all over Ukraine. By this way we have increased brand awareness and brand requests from customers. Also, to promote bought advertising in local communities in cities where Sushi Master.

And of course, we couldn't miss cooperation with handsome Stepan!
A comprehensive approach to promotion, creating a corporate identity and interesting regular content has helped us to successfully promote the brand in Ukraine. And also, it gave our team the opportunity to take the launch in other countries: Poland, UAE and Portugal.

Now we keep working, even in military conditions.

Search for Sushi Master also among our cases in traffic.

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