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Telegram as an effective channel for promoting any sphere

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Mykyta, SMM manager
According to an analytical service, there are approximately 1.7 million active Telegram channels worldwide, with a total audience of over 13 billion. This provides broad opportunities for the development of any business in any part of the world.

refers specifically to the total audience, not unique users, as one person can be subscribed to several channels

In Ukraine, there are registered 39.7 thousand channels, with a total audience of over 322 million users. The largest Telegram channel in the country is the news channel "Trukha Ukraine," which has almost 2.6 million subscribers.
Why is Telegram an effective channel for promoting your business?
Wide range of topics
In general, Telegram offers over 40 categories of channels, such as investments, real estate, news, entertainment, politics, and others. Within these categories, there are numerous variations due to the narrowing or expansion of topics.

It is worth noting the topic of cities, which local businesses particularly favor.

This is a separate category where channels are divided not by themes, but by geographical location. Such channels are very popular, as their subscribers read news from their city/town/region/district.

Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can easily find options tailored to their business and preferences - from small channels to giants with a million-strong audience.
Quick Coverage
Coverage is the main indicator of any channel. It's the coverage, not the number of subscribers, that shows how many people actively read the channel.

Within the first few minutes/hours, a post gains the majority of its coverage. This allows for quickly assessing the effectiveness of advertising and determining next steps — whether to adjust the offer or scale it to more channels for even greater results.
Predictability of Advertising Metrics
One of Telegram's advantages, loved by business owners and marketers alike, is the fixed cost of advertising. While it may vary for each category, within a specific theme, the price generally stays within market-established boundaries.

This means you'll almost always know what coverage you can get for a given cost.
There's a lot to say about bots, but it's best to see it with your own eyes.

In short, the possibilities with bots are so vast that they can work for collecting customer contact information, sending out newsletters, quizzes, and even serve as an educational platform or website.

The simplest bots can be created using the special "Botfather" within Telegram itself, but if you need a more complex bot, you'll require programmers.
How Telegram Can Be Used in Business
Today, Telegram's functionality allows for solving almost any task. The most popular use cases for businesses include:

  • Company news
  • New product/service announcements
  • Job postings to attract new employees
  • Customer support/feedback
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising placement
  • Educational platform
  • Ordering website (via a bot)
And how it's done by others?
The country's largest online supermarket has its Telegram channel, where it showcases products with links, informs about promotions, and holds giveaways.

Additionally, Rozetka has a Telegram bot used as a customer support service.
Home Cafe
The owners of this cafe developed a bot through which customers can order delivery directly on Telegram. It features a menu with dish descriptions, prices, and full delivery options.

In short, the functionality of this bot can almost completely replace a website.
Here, it's straightforward. There's a Telegram bot used as a customer support service. By the way, this is one of the most common formats for using Telegram bots for businesses.

The Silpo supermarket chain has a Telegram channel where they talk about products, new arrivals, discounts, promotions. They also showcase the atmosphere and values, and organize contests and giveaways.
Pandora Ukraine
In its Telegram channel, the brand showcases products and shares about its life. Special attention is paid to the brand's social responsibility, which is conveyed through posts with gratitude, reports, etc.
Nova Poshta
The familiar format - customer support.

Телеграм-бот Нова Пошта
The Megogo service channel creates the impression of a good friend who knows a lot about movies and is always ready to recommend a great film or series and lift your mood. There are recommendations, news from the world of cinema, and memes. And, of course, about discounts and promotions.
The fashion platform Intertop uses a full range of topics and talks about products, promotions, discounts, fashion news. The brand also touches on the topic of mental health and self-care, which is conveyed through advice and memes.

As you can see, Telegram is an effective and promising platform for any business that should not be ignored. It can provide you with an additional channel of communication with customers, be used for feedback, and even replace a website.

Test different communication channels with customers and expand your business presence in the digital space!

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