American Tourister

is a brand of one of the leading global companies in the production of travel accessories, Samsonite. The luggage produced by this manufacturer has been popular among tourists, businessmen, politicians, and creative individuals for almost 100 years.


Number of Instagram subscribers: 389

ERR Instagram: 7.3%

Duration of cooperation: 4 months


Our team was faced with the following tasks:

  • increase the recognition of the company's products
  • increase sales
  • Implementation of interactive stories to engage subscribers in responding to content


  • packaged social media;
  • changed the visual concept of stories and posts;
  • updated the covers of highlights and their content;
  • developed a new TOV;
  • introduced regular posting;
  • natively engaged subscribers to respond to the content;
  • we thought out the mechanics of the drawings.


Our team also developed further proposals for attracting traffic to the pages.

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